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At Adrenaline Performance and Fabrication we have a real passion for everything we do. From basic servicing to drag racing the same care and attention to customers and their vehicles is always there.

We not only do the work we have also prepared and raced our own vehicles for years.

This real life experience allows us to stay abreast of technology and to know what works and what is just bling, and to ensure our customers get the best value, and performance, for their money.

Sean Arthur, who owns the business, is always available to discuss your vehicle and performance goals and advise on the most effective and economical means of getting just what you want.

This is really important for the true performance enthusiast as there is a minefield of “bolt on” performance parts out there which often disappoint.

Adrenaline provides the proper integrated approach that has to be taken to get the best out of any engine, starting at the intake and finishing at the exhaust.